How JAMS can help you tell your story better

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Strategy Development


JAMS conceives and builds integrated marketing strategies for brands, products and organizations. It all extends from a simple story. Share your story and your mission with us. We'll help you smartly and consistently leverage public relations, social media and experiential touchpoints to drive the right impact with your story.

Brand Architecture & Positioning


JAMS helps you craft and evolve your brand positioning and brand messaging to help you more effectively inspire your audience to take a specific end-action. Is the simple benefit you deliver buried and muddled beneath corporate mumbo-jumbo speak? Let us help you simplify and unlock the power of your story.

Campaign & Event Execution


JAMS's Chief Storyteller has crafted award-winning social media, traditional media and experiential campaigns for leading Fortune 500 brands – and has been featured in PRWeek and Entrepreneur for devising and executing creative campaigns that drove bottom-lines.

Story Development & Articulation


JAMS helps you tell simple stories in compelling ways. From speeches, to press releases, to PowerPoints, to copywriting, to blogging, to any communication that must inspire a specific action from your audience – JAMS can help you craft your most impactful story. What emotional response must your story inspire?

Measurement/Action Reports


JAMS delivers custom-built Jam Action Reports (JARS) that measure the extent to which your target audience is taking the action you seek – across traditional, social and experiential channels.


JAMS believes that every brand is the truth of a promise. The truth of that promise is either upheld or undermined at a definitive set of critical touchpoints. When the promise is broken, a brand isn't bought. When the promise is shattered, a brand goes out of business.


Jam Action Reports evaluate and score the “health” of your brand's promise at all internal, external and experiential touchpoints. First, they assess what is and isn't working. Next, they identify where your brand is weak or threatened. Finally, they provide recommendations on where and how you can improve, restore or reinforce the truth of your brand's promise.

Films, T.V. & Commercials


JAMS develops and produces original projects for film and TV. JAMS can be enlisted to produce, direct and deliver your creative project to help you generate the impact you seek.


Recent projects include: Moose, a film starring Samuel L. Jackson, Kathy Bates and Bob Odenkirk. Cadaver, a film starring Christopher Lloyd, Tavi Gevinson & Kathy Bates, and First Bass, starring Tavi Gevinson and Mark Borchardt.

Books, Articles & Creative Online Content


JAMS develops original and compelling creative content for brands and small businesses.  Let us help you create content to tell a story that people can't help but remember and share.


Original content has been featured online and in print at: Sports Illustrated, FHM, Chicago Tribune, Atlanta Journal Constitution, USA Today's Pop Candy and Mental Floss.

Webisodes and Music Videos


JAMS develops original web projects and music videos for clients. JAMS offers ongoing opportunities for branded content, brand integration or brand sponsorship.



JAMS develops and scripts original radio, voiceover content for creative projects and PSAs.

Health Care


JAMS goes beyond the corporate and entertainment sectors to provide solutions for organizations seeking to enact positive change in their communities. JAMS has worked with FEMA, the CDC, public health departments and behavioral health departments to build groundbreaking content and programs. Learn more about this specialty work at